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DRYADOS L'amour n'enlève pas vraiment dépression

Artist: Musica Production


May 16th, 2004 MP002

DRYADOS "L'amour n'enlève pas vraiment la dépression..." CD 10 EUROS

Musica Production CD FIRST PRESS 2014

Cover art and logo design by Andrew "deadhead" Perevozny (deadhead@nm.ru). Band photos by Vladimir Vdovin.

Recorded in Toota Studio, Barnaul (Russia) during spring 2003.

Track #2 & #6 recorded in November 2003.

Engineered and mixed by Konstantin Korotaev.

Produced by Konstantin Korotaev and Dryados.

Mastered by Alexander Chermianin, AMM Studio (Russia).

All music composed and arranged by Dryados.

Lyrics performed by Roman, Sarah Connaway and Denny (#2).

Russia is a country where metal is literally dead. So many bands tend to come out of there but never last. There's hardly any famous Russian metal bands at the moment. When you think of symphonic/melodic black metal bands you'll think of bands like Illnath and Netherbird. The problem with those bands is that they've released 6 albums each and they all seem to sound like they've been recorded days after each other. They're music is all the same shit. I've never seen a band who mimics the drums, guitars, and keyboards at the same time like Dryados does. The vocalist sings so well on the tune as well. Dryados - just like Iblis(Italy)- loves creating melodies at the start of the songs and never repeating them at all. It pisses me off so much when bands do this, but it's a trick to get listeners to listen to tracks over and over. Dryados's music is fairly different to any other band you'll ever hear. The music tends to change all the time. All instruments are balanced well and you can hear everything perfectly. The keyboards on songs like Who's Your God Now and Phantasm will make you shit yourself. They are so haunting but so melodic as well. The drums are fast-paced and are there for the support of the keyboards to create an epic atmosphere. The vocals are a different thing though. They're the most interesting thing. I'll give credit to the vocalist for being such an effective person in this band. Usually, vocalists tend to be lazy cunts and only sing along with guitar riffs and drums. When the keyboards are playing, vocalists usually are silent. Dryados's vocalist Roman literally doesn't shut up. He keeps singing and singing like he's having the time of his life. Different mixture of vocals are here as well which spice things up for the listener. The lyrics deserve a mention as well. They're about how corrupt people are these days. They're worth reading I can guarantee you that. There's still two things that I absolutely love about this band. One, is the album cover. The album cover of L'Amour n'enlève pas vraiment la Dépression... has got to be one of the smartest covers for a symphonic black metal project. When I saw it, I expected it to be a viking/folk metal band, but I was in a shock when I heard the opening track Following The Bliss release such symphonic excellence. The other thing I like about Dryados is that there is no female vocals nor those stupid orchestral vocals ( Ooooh, Ooooh, Ooooh ). This is a must purchase album to any person who thinks bands like Limbonic Art or Emperor has mastered symphonic black metal - yet again you'll probably avoid it since you know you'll be proven wrong.

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o93dU7x624U&t=1048s