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Artist: Iron Bonehead Productions


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March 3rd, 2017 IBP 320


Iron Bonehead Productions CD FIRST PRESS 2017

- Jewelcase CD with a 12 page booklet on a 170g art paper, unlimited.

Recorded at A Studio and mastered at SweetSpot Studio, Athens during August 2016.

IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the LONG-awaited debut album of Greece's DISHARMONY, Goddamn the Sun. DISHARMONY are an often-overlooked entry in the history of Greek black metal. Formed in 1991 but broken up by '95, the band would record three demos and a cult EP on the legendary Molon Lave label. Although DISHARMONY's sound early on slotted well into the classic Hellenic BM paradigm - militant pulse, mystical atmosphere, deep roots in traditional metal - they largely took a more unorthodox approach, touching upon Beheritian weirdness and ritualistic soundscaping, but always with a thoroughly occult aura. Longtime fans of the band, IRON BONEHEAD collected DISHARMONY's old discography together under the title Vade Retro Satana and released it on CD and double-LP formats in 2016, reintroducing the band to old fans as well as younger generations. But, now 2017 dawns and DISHARMONY have been resurrected, and their long-promised debut album has arrived in the form of Goddamn the Sun. Immediately, it is clear that this is a work of ancient Hellenic darkness; those immediately recognizable fundaments are firmly in place, and it is literally like a blast from the past - specifically for pioneering Greek black metal, the watershed year of 1993. And yet, so many years and a couple decades later, there is a new and strikingly refreshing sense of refinement to DISHARMONY on Goddamn the Sun. Long gone the unorthodox accoutrements may be, but what takes their stead is a stout 'n' surging iteration of Hellenic classicism, triumphant and otherworldly in equal measure, and still emitting a sulfurous sensation of aeons-old occultism. Even the cover art to Goddamn the Sun itself suggests an eldritch era, sometimes forgotten but never fully dead. And finally, seemingly a lifetime in the making, DISHARMONY have stepped forward to ascend the throne of this rich, timeless pantheon.

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJxrBLxrvBg