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Artist: Iron Bonehead Productions


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March 10th, 2017 IBP 321


Iron Bonehead Productions CD FIRST PRESS 2017 

This is real black metal, none of that namby pamby bullshit that relies on forest soundscapes or looking longingly at ones shoes. Right from the second Timeless Specter kicks in, the drums assault you with rapidity and fervor while in the distance the vocals vary between agonized cries, shrieks and growls. The guitar does this fantastic job of laying down a little melody and beauty in the midst of all the audible violence, while nothing too ground breaking the riffs can be really fucking catchy and you find yourself entranced by the duality that it creates with the pounding drums and cacophonous vocals. This in my opinion the best full length the band has released since Summoning the Night, it sounds more faithful to the perfection that was A Corpse, A Temple and their demo's rather than their previous release Mysteries. This return to their roots is indeed favourable for fans that shied away from the previous releases and should welcome new listeners with ease, as much ease as raw black metal allows. This is definitely a win for the band and Iron Bonehead, so far this album is in contention for a spot on my best of 2017, and I don't see it being beaten out easily. At times the tracks seem to blend together, often making the album itself feel like one lengthy song, while this can be pleasurable and make for an immersive experience; that's not always what I'm looking for. Personally I find you need to be in the mood to listen to this album, as listening the whole way through is the only way to truly appreciate it. That being said, standouts on this album are Timeless Specter, Channeling Forgotten Energies and Boiling Corpses" but the whole album is deserving of merit and worth a listen. Something else I found to be quite striking was the album cover itself, the image is simple yet it encapsulates entirely the essence and feeling of this album. Call me old fashioned but something about black and white albums covers with skulls, robes and appropriately "kvlt" logos really speak to me. Seemingly all that's missing is candles of some sort and you'd have every box checked in terms of proper black metal album art. Just like the music, the imagery is traditional and it serves its purpose in adding to the overall aesthetic of the album. The whole package coalesces quite well with both physical and audible components doing an effective job of making this a memorable listen. Whether you're an old wolf or a new devotee this album is definitely worth at least a listen.

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXbfMKz9Bi8